"...but we preach Christ crucified..." 1 Corinthians 1:23

Why does this site exist?

We want people to be strengthened in the Gospel and help churches to preach it.

How do you make that happen?

By making it easy for sermons to be downloaded and heard.

So what exactly does this site do?

This website enables churches to upload sermons and stores them in the cloud. Information on each sermon is kept in our database. The list of sermons can then be displayed on the church's own website so that people can download and listen to them.

We have also made iOS and Android apps that looks up any church's podcast feed (regardless of whether or not their sermons were uploaded to CrossPreach.com) to make it easy to access the audio files. (Note: a podcast feed is automatically generated if sermons are uploaded to CrossPreach.com.)

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Links to the CrossPreach apps are below, but if you would like a bespoke app for your church like these ones on iOS and Android for St Helen's Bishopsgate, do get in touch. We're also making Alexa skills and Google Actions...
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New Testament sermons

Matthew 6664
Mark 3747
Luke 7244
John 6996
Acts 4117
Romans 3442
1 Corinthians 2361
2 Corinthians 1463
Galatians 1235
Ephesians 2880
Philippians 1796
Colossians 1639
1 Thessalonians 881
2 Thessalonians 195
1 Timothy 748
2 Timothy 792
Titus 570
Philemon 60
Hebrews 2263
James 929
1 Peter 1682
2 Peter 496
1 John 847
2 John 37
3 John 26
Jude 120
Revelation 1862