Date Title Church
02 Sep 2018  What Shall We Talk About?
(Luke 12:54-56) 
Solihull Presbyterian Church
(Richard Brooks
16 Aug 2015  Living for eternity: 4 of 5: The Fruitless Hypocrite
(Luke 12:54-13) 
St Peter's Barge
(Ray Chen
15 Jun 2015  Responding to the Signs of the Saviour.
(Luke 12:54-59) 
Emmanuel Church Leftwich
(Phil Topham
29 Mar 2015  29 Mar am: The Priority of Real Repentance
(Luke 12:54-13:21) 
The Tron Church Glasgow
(William Philip
22 Feb 2015  The Tragedy of a Wasted Opportunity
(Luke 12:54-59) 
Belvidere Road Church
(Graeme Back
23 Sep 2001  The dawn of world opportunity
(Luke 12:54-13:9) 
All Souls Langham Place
(Gottfried Osei-Mensah
15 Aug 1999  The value of sparrows: self esteem
(Luke 12:7-12) 
All Souls Langham Place
(John Stott
13 Aug 2014  Christian Basics 1 of 2: What must we do to be welcome in heaven?
(Luke 12:8-12) 
St Peter's Barge
(David Rue
13 Jul 2008  The One we must acknowledge
(Luke 12:8) 
All Souls Langham Place
(Mark Prentice
18 Oct 1992  Hypocrisy under trial
(Luke 12:8-12) 
St Andrew the Great
(Nigel Styles