Date Title Church
08 Dec 2013  Isaiah 11:1-10
(Isaiah 11:1-10) 
Brighton Road Baptist Church
(Jac Parson
05 Aug 2013  The Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus
(Isaiah 11:1-10) 
Southern Cross Church Cape Town
(Hugh Lashbrooke
03 Feb 2013  The Lord Is Salvation 18: Rally to the Gospel
(Isaiah 11:10-16) 
Holy Trinity Lyonsdown
(Charles Dobbie
27 Jan 2013  The Lord Is Salvation 17: The Knowledge of the LORD
(Isaiah 11:1-9) 
Holy Trinity Lyonsdown
(Charles Dobbie
23 Dec 2012  A shoot from the stump of Jesse
(Isaiah 11:1-9) 
St Benet's Welsh Church 
13 Mar 2011  Do we have a future?
(Isaiah 11:1-12:6) 
St Andrew the Great
(Alasdair Paine
13 Mar 2011  The Golden Age
(Isaiah 11:1-Isaiah 12:6) 
St Helen's, Bishopsgate
(Paul Clarke
18 Dec 2005  If God ruled the world...
(Isaiah 11:1-9) 
St Andrew the Great
(Brian Elfick
01 Mar 1998  United under the King
(Isaiah 11:1-16) 
All Souls Langham Place
(Richard Trist
09 Dec 2018  Isaiah 11:11-12:6 - A day to look forward to
(Isaiah 11:11-12:6) 
Church by the Bay
(Gerry Straker
10 Feb 2019  God’s incredible promise of a better world: The better world
(Isaiah 11:6-9) 
St Anne's Limehouse
(Phil Martin