Date Church Title
10 Mar 2019  St Mellons Evangelical Baptist Church
(Andy Christofides
The law and the work of the priests
(Leviticus 17) 
15 Jul 2018  Trinity Exeter
(Tony Swain
Holiness laws point us to Jesus - -27
(Leviticus 17) 
15 Nov 2016  Cheam Baptist Church
(Nigel Butcher
Understanding Jesus: Blood Needed
(Leviticus 17) 
03 Apr 2011  St Helen's, Bishopsgate
(Andrew Sach
Be holy, for I the Lord am holy
(Leviticus 17:1-Leviticus 25:55) 
24 Oct 1999  All Souls Langham Place
(John Stott
Why was blood so important?
(Leviticus 17:10-14) 
29 Jul 2015  Calvary Chapel St Petersburg
(Sandy Adams
Forgiveness is Expensive
(Leviticus 17:11)