Date Church Title
16 Jul 2017  St John's, Felbridge
(Mark Francis
When feeling complacent as a Christian: Amos 2
(Amos 2) 
20 Jun 2013  All Souls Langham Place
(Josh Bailey
Justice at work
(Amos 2) 
22 Sep 2002  All Souls Langham Place
(Derek Tidball
No place to run
(Amos 2:1-3:2) 
25 Feb 2018  St Andrew's Church Oxford
(Paul White
No favouritism
(Amos 2:4–16) 
26 Apr 2015  The Tron Church Glasgow
(Edward Lobb
26 Apr pm: What influence has the Church on Society?
(Amos 2:4-16) 
10 Oct 1993  St Andrew the Great
(Mark Ashton
The chastened chosen
(Amos 2:4-16) 
15 Apr 2018  The Summit Church
(J.D. Greear
Moving Forward in Racial Diversity and Reconciliation
(Amos 2:6-7)