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22 Jan 2023 20:00  talk thumbnailPTW: Change by the Spirit
(2 Corinthians 3:17-18: We could try a lot of things to change our lives: And we do: But self-hel
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15 Jan 2023 20:00  talk thumbnailPTW: Change In Community
(1 John 1:7: As a culture, we are lonely: Alone: We think we're connected by technology but
Jubilee  0 
8 Jan 2023 20:00  talk thumbnailPTW: How We Change
(Mark 1:14-15: New Year's resolutions abound and we want a silver bullet solution to our pro
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18 Dec 2022 20:00  talk thumbnailA Season of Miracle
(Matthew 1:18-27: What kind of season is this for you? Difficult? Beautiful? The Christmas story
Jubilee  0 
11 Dec 2022 20:00  talk thumbnailA Season of Patience
(James 5:7-11: This is a story about waiting, so why do we have such a tough time with this? A wi
Jubilee  0 
4 Dec 2022 20:00  talk thumbnailA Season of Repentance
(Matthew 3:1-12: John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness: What does this have to do with Chr
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20 Nov 2022 20:00  talk thumbnailPeople People
(1 John 4:16-17: We want to be invitational::: but do we even like people? Do we know what commun
Jubilee  0 
13 Nov 2022 20:00  talk thumbnailRunning People
(Hebrews 12:1-3: A famous piece of the Bible: But what does it mean? How do we become these peopl
Jubilee  0 
6 Nov 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailFishing People
(Luke 5:1-11: Jesus is calling His followers to mission: But what if it's both easier and ha
Jubilee  0 
16 Oct 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailBattleship Church
(2 Corinthians 10:3-4: Maybe we're all stunned or experiencing PTSD, but it seems like Churc
Jubilee  1 
9 Oct 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailLive Content
(Philippians 4:11-13: We're all searching for that elusive feeling of being content: But can
Jubilee  0 
18 Sep 2022 07:00  talk thumbnailCL: Step Into Flow
(Matthew 7:7-8: What happens when you combine an infectious love for the Good News of Jesus with
Jubilee  0 
4 Sep 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailCL: Choose Jubilee
(Jeremiah 17:5-8: We have a choice: Even in the drought and the challenge of this season: Even wh
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21 Aug 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailSB: For Your Good
(Romans 8:28: God is working all things for my good: Thank you evangelical Christianity
Jubilee  0 
14 Aug 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailThe Unforced Rhythms
(Matthew 11:28-30: How many times can we preach a sermon on one passage? This summer, the answer
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7 Aug 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailThe Price of Admission
(Luke 7:36-50:  What happens if you ask a lawyer to preach? This sounds like the start of a
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17 Jul 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailSB: Disappointment
(Luke 7:18-23: If you've been around awhile, then you've probably experienced disappoin
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10 Jul 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailSB: Worship for the Weary
(Matthew 11:28-30:  One of the ways we push back against our heaviness and weariness is to worsh
Jubilee  0 
3 Jul 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailSB: Weary and Burdened
(Matthew 11:28-30: Most of us are still feeling worn out: Burdened: There is a lot going on in th
Jubilee  0 
19 Jun 2022 19:00  talk thumbnailA Better Way: Human
(Genesis 1:27:  There's a lot our world is concerned about: Most of our issues are connecte
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