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Ethical Sermons  9
God's Call

What is it like when God calls a person?

Prayers Jesus Tells us to Pray

There are a number of things Jesus tells us to pray for, that we don't usually.

Bethlehem's Background

Jesus grew up knowing he was from Bethlehem. What did that mean to him?

Biography Sermons  7
The Book of Judges  27
The Devil's Handles

When Jesus was getting ready to die, he said the prince of this world was coming, but "he has no hold on me," or literally, "he has nothing in me." How can we be like Jesus, to be able truthfully to say that Satan has no hold on me, nothing in me at all? What are the handles that we allow Satan to use to control our lives?

Mary, the mother of Jesus  3
Persecuted Church  1
Heaven, How Close Is It?  9
Ingredients of Being a Witness  2
God Sees Our Insides  1
Assurance of Salvation  1
Fruitful Heartbreak in the Old Testament  5
Christian Disciplines  2
(No name)  0