Name Num sermons
Hope in the Redeemer  2
Stand Firm (1 Peter)

Peter urges us to know the true grace of God, which is a life of believers characterised by suffering now and glory later, and having known it to stand firm in it. In this series we will seek to know the true grace, and how to stand firm in it.

Colossal Jesus  3
Better  13
Acts  1
The Word became Flesh  1
Belonging 2018  2
Revelation JBC  4
Real Jesus, Real Life  4
John 18-21  10
A King form the Heart  11
The Prophetic Christmas  3
Malachi  3
Lost & Found  3
Belonging Month  5
Growing Relationships: Family, marriage, sex and the African Christian  3
Ephessians  14
Encounter Jesus  2
Immanuel - Christmas 2016  2
I Saw Heaven Open  4