Date Title Speaker Count
19 Oct 2021  Nikolai Ilminskii and Orthodox mission among the Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples of the Mid-Volga in the pre-revolutionary period 
Alison Kolosova  9 
12 Oct 2021  Language and Mission in Oriental Christianity 
Ralph Lee  9 
05 Oct 2021  A Brief Historical Overview and the Current Status of the Orthodox Mission in Alaska 
Michael Oleksa  10 
21 Sep 2021  The Effects of Secularization in the Romanian Orthodox Communities 
Cristian Sonea  6 
14 Sep 2021  Sufism and Eastern Christianity 
Michael Nazir Ali  8 
07 Sep 2021  The Church of the East in Central and East Asia: texts and translations 
Sebastian Brock  17