Recent sermons

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20 Mar 2019 08:54  RH Negatives Can Not Be Saved? A Study of Nephilimicly contaminated humans. It's fun!   
23 Feb 2019 06:54  Before Creation Where Was God? And Wickedness: Sodom and Pre-Flood   
20 Feb 2019 06:35  The Samson Riddle. It's a hard saying. Does that sound familiar?   
8 Jan 2019 07:30  THE Light Gives Life! Candle light service at Cliffside   
5 Jan 2019 06:21  Samson, Blindness, Milk, Honey, Gate, Rapture, North Korea, Fusion, Fission, Atheism   
12 Dec 2018 07:40  Prodigal Son: Think You Know? The most astounding story ever told... part 1   
13 Nov 2018 08:26  Why You Don't Kill Gibeonites. And why David bought Golgotha and Gethsemane   
6 Nov 2018 06:53  Satan Is Having Classes? Yes. His first one was: How To Defeat God 101   
19 Oct 2018 04:24  Adam + Fruit = Jesus + cup? And, Why did God keep them from the Tree of Life?   
7 Oct 2018 08:15  Information Theory... and Is Adam stupid for listening to his wife?   
4 Oct 2018 08:53  The Lie That Killed Eve. But why did she want to believe it?   
1 Oct 2018 08:25  Gene Roddenberry’s Open Agenda with Star Trek, and Can you choose to eat the poison?   
1 Jan 1970  Timelessness (Void-Zero). Will there be space energy matter and Time in the 8th day?   
1 Jan 1970  Who Can Kill The Soul? Is Jesus saying He can annihilate someone?   
1 Jan 1970  Timelessness Has Authority! And... How does The Door knock on The Door?